Thursday, 8 June 2017

Technology Reflection

Hi today for technology we had to draw a design for our clients clock. we had to draw 6 design The 6 design I had was a rugby ball,dog,bull,pichu,mickey mouse and a shield after that I decide to draw the number in from 1 to 12 then i draw the big hand pointing to the 12  and the small hand pointing to the 5.
also in these drawing will have to put our clocks in.
But we had to make  the drawing silhouette so when we add in the clock hands it doesn't show the face because it will block the clocks  hand.
I choose the rugby ball design becuase this what my client likes and becuase he likes to play rugby and other differnt types of client was my brother and he liked to  play sports and to play with dogs and other animals.
When we done our  6 design we had to  go to miss ferguson so she can tell us the next step.
The thing I done best is my drawing becuase when I usually draw I do it wrong but at technology I didn't do it wrong and I done it right.
Image result for dog face silhouetteIt was very fun and also I hope to finish it next week. I also need to keep the good work up and 1 thing I need to work on is finishing a little bit faster and also helping out other people if they are stuck. I hope to finish my clock so I can take it home and give it to my brother and check if he will be happy.Here are some pictures.

Image result for rugby ball silhouette

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Design Brief

Today for technology we had to do a design brief for our client.
My client was my brother etai and things he like was rugby union,sports,food,ps4 and adidas.
The people that first popped up in my mind was my brother,dad,mum and sister.


Today for technology we had to find different clocks and put it on the drawing .
After that we had to name what kind of clocks is it.
The clock i liked was the digital clock.


Today for technology we were getting ready to make clock  then miss ferguson told us to do a design brief and write what our client like.The client  I choose is my brother and these are  the things he likes The things he liked was sports,rugby,food,adidas and ps4 so that what the pictures represent.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Michael,Tevita That Sugar Film Pt.3

WAL:About sugar.This is me and tevita task we have finished.
We have watched the film and it is very interesting to learn about what sugar dose to you when it is inside your body.We have done 2 task and it is similar to the sugar film part 3.this task is very good to learn about becuase you know what sugar  does to you and how it affects other people.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

My Fale T2W5

Today we had  a task to finish  and it was about  our fale.We were doing this task for samoan  language week and we had to write what our goals and we had to write what we believe at the bottom.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Michael Sandwich Reflection T2W4

WALT:identify key food groups in  simple meals.

Today we had to make 6 groups of 4 and in my group it was me kauri,kira and kenneth after we done that we made our sandwich and then we prayed and after that we ate our sandwich then we had to write a reflection about it.The things we had  to use were ham,lettuce,cheese,tomatoes,butter,mayonnaise,whole wheatmeal bread,cucumber,carrots  and that  was all the things we were allowed to use.